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Toni K

Author Bio : I’m from a small Midwestern town and a family of high spirits and laughter. My entire life Father claimed he named me after a stripper in the 1940s. I’ve caught buses and moved west, south and finally settled in a small town in Washington state. I plan to stay for the mountains and trees. My story includes decades in insurance as one of the first women outside casualty investigators in Florida. Also, a longtime civil rights activist with an FBI file. At sixty years old, a friend dared me to write. Soon I joined a writer’s group that specialized in flash fiction, which developed into novels. I have coined my genre as OA which refers to people of “a certain age.” Retired, I now have 6 books done, and continue to gather stories for embellishment. I’m a co-founder of The Writers Cooperative of the Pacific Northwest and continue to search for inspiration.

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