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Bio: January 31st is the day I was born but I celebrate everyday because I'm given another opportunity to make a difference in a person's life. My name is Tashiona but many call me Tashi. I was given the gift of writing at a young age and for many years I let it go waste. On my journey of life I've reignited the flame to my craft and this time I won't be letting it go out. Lover of life and believer in true destiny. Cat mom, plant mom, botanist, yogi, meditation and teacher of all things that I learn.

"Wounded Armor"

It's easy to tell stories of others but when it comes to your own you start to choke. As you reminisce on your past a itch starts to build in the back of your throat. Amnesia begins to set in and that truth bubble you are known for carrying pops. It's not that you don't want to share your history, in all honesty you might not even remember. Very few know the real you. You've only shared the surface details and there's a lot going to the grave with you. The mental and physical baggage that you have built over the years have become a coat of armor for you. Secretly wielding a sword, protecting you from enemies a like and unlike. Has it become a little too much? Do you want to let some of that go? Do you want to be told that it's okay? My love, sit down your armor and lets pray. You don't have to continue to fight your demons alone in the shadows only to go into the sun and fight the demons of everyone else too. Right, because you know all about theirs. They all come and share with you. They trust and confide in you. They know you always know what to say and do. But stop for a second and take a look at your armor. It's rusted, it's missing pieces, it barely covers your body. You now have bruises that everyone can see. You're weak from the inside and you've managed to fool everyone besides yourself. It is a little too much. Let all of it go. You are protected beyond measure. My love, continue to pray. You have been witnessed. Your truth is already known. It is now time to heal, come back to the castle and reclaim your throne. Let those you have healed, heal you. You no longer have a standing relationship with your woes. Tell them it's time to pack and go! Break free from the chains you have enclosed your mind in. Break free from the idea that you can continue going forward like this and be alright. Plant your feet, drop you knees and just let all of it go. That armor you held for so long was hiding your wings. Oh, but look at you now. Re-birthed, strong, blessed and enlightened. Ready to love again, ready to believe again, ready to fly. Let the crown be put upon you. Stand my love. Spread your wings you magical God. Highly favored and forever protected.

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