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Tamora "Tam" Johnson

Author Bio:

Author, Speaker, Relationship & Marriage Coach

Tamora K. Johnson's ("Tam") is the author of a marriage changing book titled “The Marriage Policies and Procedures”, a devotional for divorced women who are on the road to putting the pieces back together, titled “Life After The D”, and recently became the Lead Author to the great anthology, “Life After Divorce- The Journey to Being Healed & Whole”. Her passion lies within providing tools for couples to continue building or rebuilding the commitment necessary to sustain a thriving marriage, while being an advocate for women who have encountered the traumatic experience of divorce. She finds great joy in helping them to do the work in the journey of being healed and whole. Tam believes that her transparency can be someone's road to recovery thus using opportunities to share her story. Her greatest value added to those assigned to her purpose is offering the "missing ingredient" that she personally lacked before exchanging her very own marriage vows and finding herself…. divorced.

Tam was married 14 years before she and her husband separated and divorced. Even in that season of her life, she decided to use it to capitalize on giving God glory and encouraging others that there is life after divorce. This is when and why the women’s devotional was born. She knew that she couldn’t be the only divorced woman attempting to “put the pieces back together”

Tam has three beautiful daughters who have occupied a front row seat in witnessing her be an exceptional example of a mother, wife, and leader. It is her life's mission to mentor, advocate, and improve the state of the marriage entity on a global level beginning first with being a happy, healthy, whole and for some healed individual.

In her journey to making an impact in spite of her experience, she co-founded the BeYOUtiful Minds foundation where their mission is to build a strong sisterhood of women entrepreneurs and visionaries, providing them with the best networking opportunities and resources necessary to build and run a sustainable business in our local communities. Her overall mission is to serve.

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