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Sandy Black

Pre-Interview: I am an 81-year-old author who had a retirement bucket list to write a book before my 80th birthday. 3 books later, 2 published and #3 " Oh! Those Old One-Room Schoolhouses and the Children They Taught " in the publishing process, due out on my 82nd birthday.

I write history with humor through the voices of impersonated buildings and lively cats who help me tell their stories.

Author Writer Interview

1. To know regardless of age, station in life, status of birth, we all have a story to share. At 80, I found the courage to look beyond the barriers people place on us.

2. My favorite genres are books with humor, mystery and history.

3. Erma Bombeck. She wrote over twenty years about mothers and motherhood. I raised five children and her books could been written by me and my experiences.

4. Honestly, I spend many hours researching the current book I'm writing before ever putting pencil to paper. Have no experience with blank writing spells.

5. Don't be afraid to push back on the Publisher when you think they have not captured what you are trying to portray. Cover design, YouTube trailer, layout, etc. Remember you are paying. Read contracts carefully.

6. I have been a 60 year "journaler" and "diarist ". Have written three books under " Fun Books by Sandy", published two and #3 due out in 2021. #4 in progress.

7. This one I have no good answer.

8. Marketing is by far the most time consuming. Writing books is not selling books. I have had two reviews. 4 of 4 and 5 of 5 stars on my two published books. I know my book is not for everyone nor all books by other authors for me. I do respect their efforts.

9. My best experiences have been during book signings, storytelling events where I have met some wonderful people. My message "Passion with Purpose is Powerful", and the belief if you have a bucket list - dust it off and do if. Even at 80!!

10. Makes little difference. I have written in the dead of night silence, on a plane, sitting on a lake. I carry a tablet everywhere and when I see something. I write.

11. DON'T listen to anyone who declares to know ten people who attempted to write a book, never got it published or sold a book. Stick to your goal, set your own expectations, be patient and don't give up. We all are not going to be best sellers, but if we can find our niche, we will get our story out there.

12. I did not. Publisher sets prices. My contract says they are to do worldwide distribution, and other marketing. Caveat. No assurance of sales. I use Facebook, Instagram posts, book signings at Historical Societies, etc.

13. My aim is to write history with humor through the voices of impersonated buildings and lively cats who help me tell their stories, secrets and teachings. I'm trying to show people the humorous side of history while making sure we don't forget the events that made our America the great country it is.

14. No

15. My favorite class and teacher in school was English.

16. I have the same publisher for all three books of "Fun Books by Sandy ".

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