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Rebel Myndz Writer/Author Interview Blog

Welcome to 'A Writer's Playground' Check out Rebel Myndz Interview Blog with Floetic Writer, Ena-Alese and other guest Authors. Read between these Authors lines and enter a Writers' Playground.

The Host _ Ena-Alese

If you'd of ask 3 yr. old, 13 yr. old or even 21 yr. old Ena, her future career and life goals, a Poet nor Author would have left my lips. I was highly determined to become a super successful Hair Stylists. So if you're reading this, you now know one of the toughest decisions I've made in life. I discovered my creative writing talents at the age of 9 when I composed the chorus to a song titled "Eternity". From that point on and throughout my years of education my writing developed. In college, at age 23, I wrote a descriptive story for an English assignment and my English instructor, Mrs. Dawn White graded it with remarks of me becoming a professional writer. I felt that was a sign from the Universe telling me to let the ink bleed. I accepted the advice and I am The New Kid on the Writers' Block (haha).

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