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LaVan Robinson

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Author Bio: My name is LaVan Robinson. I’m a poet and writer from Philadelphia but now resides in Lancaster pa. I’ve been writing poetry for 40 + years. I’ve published 3 books of poetry on Amazon and kindle books now.

Author Interview: Current events and the anticipation of love is what inspires me to write.I love writing poetry. Langston Hughes because he was a leader of the Harlem renaissance. I normally go fishing and that helps clear my head for writing. To keep writing and follow your dream.I’ve written and published 4 books of poetry so far and no bestsellers yet but I expect that to change soon.I look forward to criticism because it helps make you better. To be able to influence other writers and individuals through poetry. I can write in any situation. Keep writing and trust God. My book is about self awareness and is written from the heart and soul. My favorite subject in school was English.I’m a self published author.

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