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LaSasha Flame

Updated: May 3, 2020

Facts about LaSasha:

What is something unique about LaSasha?

I am not sure you can call this unique but I am a very creative person. I have a passion for baking and cooking along with writing, but I am also talented at painting and graphic design. I designed the covers for this series and I will be designing the covers for all my future books as well. Creating is in my blood! lol

What are some of LaSasha’s pet peeves?

My biggest pet peeve is when someone has already made up their mind about me, my thoughts, my feelings, my wants and instead of actually taking a moment to hear me out about those things, they insist on holding me to things I never said, thought, or wanted. It makes me feel small but not in a low self esteem way. More of an invisible way. No matter how much I scream or cry nobody sees me. We are so small in this vast universe so there is no reason to make another feel insufficient.

Where was LaSasha born/grew up?

I was born in Chicago but I grew up traveling the world. It wasn't until high school that my family settled down in a small town south of Chicago.

Who is LaSasha’s hero and why?

In the writing world it has to be Kressely Cole and Larissa Ione. They have created amazing paranormal romance series and I want to be just like them when I grow up lol

What is LaSasha passionate about these days?

Creating my own paranormal romance series. The Dark Immortal Flames Series is my baby that I can’t wait to share with the world!

What does LaSasha do to unwind and relax?

Believe it or not writing does help me to unwind and relax. I know it what I do for a living but writing is the fun part. It’s marketing that drive me nuts lol.

When did LaSasha first consider herself a writer?

Breaking all the Rules was a quick and rough 1.5k flash fiction that I published with a friend in emagazine Exposed. It wasn't much but when it published, I felt like a writer.

Does LaSasha have a favorite movie?

I don’t have just one favorite movie. I enjoy tons of movies regularly but recently I watched Acrimony by Tyler Perry and it was so freaking good! He did an amazon job.

Which of her novels can LaSasha imagine made into a movie?

I think Power and Lust would make a good chick flick. It’s possible the Breaking Rules Series could be a movie too, but it’s so graphic I doubt the cinema could do it any justice.

What literary pilgrimages has LaSasha gone on?

I am still on my pilgrimage to be honest. I started off in the most unusual way in writing. While most authors went to a school for writing, but I started in taboo smut. People would hire me to write their deepest darkest sexual desires into stories for them to read and pleasure themselves. Most ... well all of it was taboo sexual desires. I never kept any of the work as I didn't have permission to share it. Part of getting these clients was them knowing that I would never share their kink. It helped me to improve my writing skill but beside that it left me feeling unfulfilled. They weren my stories, and I wanted something of my own beyond just sex. My first story with a real plot and real characters was Power and Lust. It took me some years, but I got it finished and published. Now I am working towards my ultimate goal which is to be a paranormal dark romance writer. Every day, every word is another step closer to that goal.

As a writer, what would LaSasha choose as her mascot/avatar/spirit animal?

The Flames of course!

What kind of research does LaSasha do before she begins writing a book?

I do some googling but the small details that make the story life like comes from me interviewing hundreds of people. You learn things from conversing that you just can’t get from the internet.

Does LaSasha see writing as a career?

It’s more of a passion but it has become a business more than a career.

Does LaSasha read herself and if so what is her favorite genre?

Yes I do read but only audio books! I love paranormal romance.

Does LaSasha prefer to write in silence or with noise? Why?

I prefer music because it drowns out the noise of the world and allows me to focus.

Does LaSasha write one book at a time or Does LaSasha have several going at a time?

I have multiple books going because sometimes ideas come to me and need to write down so I Can use it later when it’s time for that book to get the majority of my attention.

Pen or typewriter or computer?

Computer with Google docs to automatically backup all of my writing and I Can add as I go anywhere in the world.

Advice LaSasha would give new authors?

Don’t get into writing to make money. Don’t publish to get a sale. If you want your stories to be loved then build a readership. A writing career is like starting a business and the most successful ones are the ones who connect with their customers. So build a readership and connect with the reader. The sales will follow from a growing readership but a readership does not follow a sale.

What is LaSasha's writing process?

I jot down all my ideas and thoughts for the story and then I do an outline organizing those ideas into a plot point. Then I free write from plot point to plot point. I know where I am going but the journey to get there is always a surprise.

Does LaSasha try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?

Neither. I just write the story I want to tell.

What’s the most difficult thing about writing characters from the opposite sex?

I have never been inside the head of a man so his point of view doesn't just flow from me. I worry I am making him a woman pretending to be male lol

Does LaSasha believe in writer’s block?

Honestly no I do not. Writer’s block happens when you didn't plan your story idea well enough to know where you are going even if you decide to take the scenic route.

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