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Pre-Interview: Hello Ena, thank you for the chance to be interviewed by you. I have seven erotic/crime fiction novels, all set in Sydney Australia. They are full of sex, drugs and violence. All the novels are set in contemporary times and are self-published. I live in the hinterland west of Port Macquarie New South Wales Australia on a farm and grew up on Sydney's Northern Beaches, where I worked on doors in pubs and clubs doing security. I have spent the past 30 years driving armored cars around New South Wales.

Author Interview

1 I enjoy building a great story for others to read and live, like an adventure.

2 erotic/crime.

3 Philip Kerr, the man was a machine. I particularly enjoyed his Bernie Gunther series, set in Berlin pre-world 2, set in world war 2 and post-world war 2. Philip really held my attention in every page and all his books were thinking books, you thought about the description or Berlin before hostilities, in not only landscape but the feel of society and again the very same thoughts of a shattered Berlin in post war Europe.

4 I just continue on and don’t really suffer them, if I do, I will reread the manuscript or walk off and do something else. Then return later.

5 Be careful who you tell your plot to, or any story-line and never let anyone read before your manuscript has a copyright.

6 I have written seven novels, all are self-published. I don’t have any best sellers, but I haven’t had any bad reviews from any person that has read any of them.

7 I don’t think there is a movie script that I could personally write better than most, but I would rather see a second movie made after the first. The sound of music, pulp fiction, some of the classics. Of course, some you couldn’t and shouldn’t make a follow up, but I think there are plenty you could.

8 I have had work stolen by various editors and others, some just a phrase, others complete works. Being a writer, I think you develop a thick skin to criticism. I certainly take on board constructive criticism.

9 People telling me they enjoyed my novels and discussing the book with them.

10 I prefer silence, whenever I write.

11 write for yourself and nobody else, you will be your hardest critic. And never give up, keep thinking about story lines and plots in your head, jot things down that you think would look good in a book. Ideas are everything!

12 I leave it all up to amazon, though I also check what sale price others have their books set at and I use social media.

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