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Kendra Brown

Pre-Interview : : I am FreePhlow. Spoken word and Prophetic writer. My writings are inspired by Holy Spirit and life experiences. Writing began for me in 6th grade. A class assignment led to a fire igniting in my soul that never went out. From writing in my journal, to writing short poems, to writing plays, to finally sharing my hearts mind with the world. My most influential leaders are Jeanette...ikz and Jackie Hill-Perry. My desire is to one day be on their platform sharing the gift I’ve been endowed with. My pieces come as cool as the wind. I’ve spoken for various occasions such as: Mother’s Day, Entrepreneur Networking Event, Recital and Open Mic.

Author Interview:

1. What spires you most to write?

My biggest inspiration is conversation and situations. I can be in mid-conversation and start hearing the words to my next piece. I’ll stop what I’m doing and start writing. With situations I may reflect a little too long and end up writing to release what I’m feeling.

2. What is your favorite genre?

Fiction mixed with a little non-fiction and drama. Keep you guessing LOL!

3. Who is one author you admire if any and why?


4. How do you overcome blank writing spells?

I’ll listen to music or watch videos of other poets. Maybe watch a good movie to get in the flow.

5. What legal publishing advice can you give?


6. How many books have you written, are any a bestseller yet?

I’m working on a book. No release date as of yet.

7. If you had the opportunity to rewrite one movie script which would it be, why?

One of my favorite movies is “Beyond the Lights”. I wouldn’t completely change the script, but I’d definitely give Noni a little more back bone as it pertains to her mother. She did go against the grain to make herself happy and fulfill her dreams. But unfortunately, her mother rode her coattail a bit too long. It was all about what mommy wanted of her. What if she never went back on stage? What if she married Mr. Officer? What would her next phase of life be?

8. What are some difficulties you've experienced in your writing career; how do you handle book critiques/criticism?

I’ve experienced moments of repetitiveness. Feeling that everything I write sounds the exact same. I was looking for a new sound or new idea to draw from.

9. What are your best experiences in your writing career?

The best experiences are the ones I’m not looking for. It’s the moments where I’m busy and a fresh piece drops. It’s like ok where did you come from? Let’s get this on paper. I also found my best work to come through short time frames. I was asked to do an event and have a piece in 72hrs. I wrote the piece in about 1-2hrs give or take and took about 2 full days to memorize.

10. Do you prefer to write in silence and or have some sort sound in the background?

Silence works best for me. Even if I’m in a room filled with noise, I can block it out.

11. What are some encouraging words you'd give to another author/writer?

Be You. It’s really that simple. Find your voice and stick with it.

12. How did you decide the pricing of your material; how did you go about promotion/advertising and distribution of your work?

I have a social media page where I post here and there “FreePhlow Lane”. I will get back on it consistently this year. I have videos and poems that I’ve written. Most people know me by word of mouth as well from the events I’ve spoken at.

13. Why should anyone read your book?


14. Did you have a book coach?


15. What was your favorite subject in school?


16. Are you self-published or have an established publishing contract elsewhere?


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