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Kathryn Cervera

Pre-Interview: I am a fairly new YA Indie Author. My debut novel Who Is It? was released last year. I was 13 when I wrote the rough draft. I’m adopted and my birth mom had me when she was 15. So, I thought what would have happened had she decided to keep me. We hear so much about young parents or single parents raising a kid but rarely from the child’s perspective. This was what I wanted to show in Who Is It?

Author Writer Interview

1.What inspires you most to write?

I always enjoy a good story, especially the journey. I never know what’s going to happen. To tell a good story and to capture the reader, to where they don’t want to put the book down and have to know what happens next, that’s the best compliment I can receive. That and when is the next novel coming out? Many of my books come from readers asking what happens next.

2. What is your favorite genre?

I don’t really have a favorite genre; I read all genres: YA, romance, literary, fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction, horror. Again, as long as it’s a good story, I’ll read it regardless of the genre.

3. Who is one author you admire if any and why?

Diana Gabaldon is one of my favorite authors because of how she can capture the reader through her detailed story telling.

4. How do you overcome blank writing spells?

When I write, I wait for the idea to come to me and then I run to the computer. I can see it in my mind like a movie playing. I’m usually racing to keep up with my mind. So, when I get stuck, I walk away from the computer and do something else to take a break. This way, it will come to me.

5. What legal publishing advice can you give?

You must be willing to market and promote yourself. The work doesn’t stop once you’re published.

6. How many books have you written, are any a bestseller yet?

I have written one book so far that is published. Who Is It? the first novel in a series. It’s not a bestseller, but that is my dream. Any support and exposure I can get gives me hope to keep writing. To know that readers like my novel will allow me to keep working on the series. I am writing the sequel to Who Is It? as we speak.

7. If you had the opportunity to rewrite one movie script which would it be, why?

8. What are some difficulties you've experienced in your writing career; how do you handle book critiques/criticism?

The biggest difficulty was getting a publisher to say yes and give me a chance on my writing. I’ve been lucky to receive good critiques on all my reviews.

9. What are your best experiences in your writing career?

My first book signing was exciting to meet and interact with the readers.

10. Do you prefer to write in silence and or have some sort sound in the background?

I must be alone and in silence. I can’t have any distractions, otherwise I can’t hear myself think and will lose my train of thought.

11. What are some encouraging words you'd give to another author/writer?

Never give up. If you really love to write, then write. You must make the time to follow your passion and write. Doesn’t matter what you write just write to get in the habit. Read. Read anything.

12. How did you decide the pricing of your material; how did you go about promotion/advertising and distribution of your work?

My publisher helped me with pricing, promotion/advertising, and distribution. These areas were all new to me. They walked me through everything and recommended what was best for me. They really helped me with this process.

13. Why should anyone read your book?

I think people should read my book because it has a little bit of everything for everyone. Comedy, action, romance, family secrets, love triangle, moral issues. On the surface, it’s meant to entertain. If you just want something easy to read and to escape in a good story, then this is the one for you. My readers have been men and women, boys, and girls. The ages ranged from as young as 13 to as old as 70. I think there’s a character that everyone can either relate to or love.

14. Did you have a book coach?

My coaches have been authors, who are the masters. You learn from the best. Stephen King, Ann Rice, Tolstoy, Pearl S. Buck, Ayn Rand, Sylvia Plath, Jean Auel, Sandra Cisneros, Dickens- I love it all. I learned by reading their books and studying how they conveyed their stories.

I also learned by writing. Like anything else, it’s practice, practice, practice. I wrote the rough draft of Who Is It? when I was 13 years old. I was 5 when I knew I wanted to be a writer, 8 when I started writing.

15. What was your favorite subject in school?

English. Duh.

16. Are you self-published or have an established publishing contract elsewhere?

I am self-published with EBooks2go. They have been great with taking care of the publishing side so I can focus on the writing side.

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