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Jyoti Patel


- Author of 6 Books. (Sensation of a Soul, The Mystic Soul, Whispers of the Soul, The Curved Rainbow, The Forest of Feelings, Anamika: Beyond Words) | World Record Holder | A Global Goodwill Ambassador | Social Activist | Founder of “JP Enterprise”

Awards: ‘Influential Author 2018’, ‘Author of the Year 2019’ ‘Genius Indian Achiever Award 2019’ & ‘Voice of Indian Literature 2020’

Jyoti Patel, aged 21, is a simple girl with a big mission from Hyderabad, a storyteller in a journey to inspire and touch zillions of lives. Her debut book, ‘Sensation of a Soul’, an inspirational book went on to sell tons of copies.

Jyoti Patel is an Author of 6 Books, A World Record Holder, A Global Goodwill Ambassador.

She is a blogger, a poetess and has been a contributing poet and author to many anthologies.

She is an ardent lover of western and classical music. She enjoys reading, cooking, painting, and writing.

She is a Music, Photography and Travel enthusiast.

Through her new venture JP Enterprise, she is committed to provide her customers with the best quality products and exceptional service... (JP Enterprise has begun its business by selling the Books online from the month of November 2019) With the support of growing customers and well-wishers, JP Enterprise is expanding its selection, reach and popularity.

Jyoti Patel is a recipient of various awards, such as, ‘Top Influential Author 2018’, ‘Author of the Year 2019’ ‘Genius Indian Achiever Award 2019’ & ‘Voice of Indian Literature Award’

Team 'Writer's Rescue Center' - World's First Writer's Rescue Foundation: a place for all the aspiring writers, to receive the proper guidance, mentorship, and training in the field of writing.

Jyoti Patel is the core team member of ‘Yes! I Am Happy’ An organization working towards the welfare of children, an Initiative wherein the teamwork towards spreading joy and happiness in the lives of children from humble background in the Urban Poverty.

Using the simple words, this young author explains a great deal of what life and relationships are all about. Her thoughtful narration and imagination can be felt throughout, and the reader is bound to feel connected.

Her second book, ‘The Mystic Soul’ released in October 2017 has regularly topped the Amazon Bestseller List.

This book is bound to enthrall the readers, brimming with mystery, passion, love, dreams, thrill, and excitement. This book ends leaving the readers craving for more!

Her words revolve around the themes like dreams, love, courage, self-discovery, and hope. Her poetry and stories are the amalgamation of romance, sweetness, grief of separation, suspense and human emotions having the deep hidden messages within them and they surely captivate one to fall in love with the book. Her words will make the reader a prisoner of poetry.

Jyoti Patel has released her third book ‘Whispers of the Soul’ in 2018. This book takes the readers through a journey of falling, rising, and blooming. This splendid book is a celebration of joy, love, hate and everything in-between. Most of her poems could be related to everyone’s life. Jyoti Patel explores every bit of love with her words.

The fourth book 'The Curved Rainbow' a book of heart-warming yet tragic collection of poems is released on March 22nd, 2019 along with the fifth book, 'The Forest of Feelings'

This young Author has recently released the eBook edition of her latest book ‘Anamika: Beyond Words’ & the paperback version of this Poetry collection is released on 14th of February, Valentine’s Day.

Jyoti loves observing people; she often searches her stories in every little thing around her. She has a list of wishes which she wants to fulfill in this one lifetime.

She is currently working on her 7th book, which is expected to release in the second-half of 2020.


From the bestselling author of 5 Books comes Anamika, a new illustrated collection of intense, unusual, and passionate poems.

A breathtakingly beautiful, deep, and touching collection of poetry and prose offering strong insights into relationships, heartbreak, love, and self-empowerment, there are also the poems of envy, betrayal, and revenge.

In a distinctive style, Jyoti writes about attachment & detachment, on being lost and found. Through this book, Poet touches on the subjects of loss, pain, abandonment, depression, and religion; some of the most beautiful thoughts on love have been expressed in Anamika: Beyond Words

Anamika is full of inspirations and an adventure into the greatest unknown, Jyoti's young remarkable voice with power and depth can be heard throughout, this is a unique poetry book that will leave you smiling and in tears altogether.

Author Interview:

1. What inspires you most to write?

There is inspiration in everything. People around me inspire me to write, the memories I have, and the moments I created give me stories and poetry to write.

When I deeply explore my dreams, my feelings, and my own thoughts, they give me new stories. The books I read; people I meet teach me something unique regularly. The real-life experiences, the words I hear and the problems around me are the topics for my Books.

For me, inspiration, information, and ideas come in various ways and I always learn something from every person I meet. No matter who it is, what their background is, I firmly believe that every person we meet has something to teach us in one way or another. I learn something from every book I read, every movie I watch. Mostly, the simplest of things that happen in day to day life inspires me to write.

2. What is your favorite genre?

I have no favorite genre; however, I always love reading real life-based stories, poetry, short-stories, autobiographies, non-fiction and self-help books.

3. Who is one author you admire if any and why?

Not just one or two to mention but, there are so many Authors I admire. For their style of writing, for the topics they choose, for showing their strength and courage in various ways basically, I appreciate people who are trying to bring a good change in the society.

It doesn’t matter for me to know if the author has sold millions of copies or not, it’s okay if that person is not too great at marketing or anything of that sort, all which truly matters is what kind of a difference they’ve made in the life of one.

4. How do you overcome blank writing spells?

There are times when I just cannot put a single word on the paper due to my personal problems or for whatever reasons otherwise, I am a dedicated person.

Thus, when it happens, I just take it a little slowly, I relax, I try to focus on other works and help myself by reading and music.

Sometimes, I do nothing big when I suffer from the blockage, and sometimes I try to push myself harder to write when I reach the condition, where I'm unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing.

5. What legal publishing advice can you give?

For Authors, it’s important to protect their career and keep things running smoothly.

A writer who is willing to become a published Author and going for the publishing for the very first time, it’s important to make sure that they copyright the work before publishing. They have to make sure that nobody goes through their complete manuscript except few extremely close people.

Also, as a writer, it’s essential to avoid plagiarism and credit the sources always and last but not the least, before signing a book publication agreement, it should be thoroughly checked from top to bottom more than once.

6. How many books have you written, are any a bestseller yet?

I've written six books, my latest one is ANAMIKA: BEYOND WORDS (Published in February 2020)

My first solo book was published in the year 2016 (Sensation of a Soul) my second book ‘The Mystic Soul’ was published in 2017, the third book ‘Whispers of the Soul’ was published in 2018. The fourth and fifth books were published in the year 2019. (The Curved Rainbow & The Forest of Feelings)

Before publishing my first book in the year 2016, I contributed my works to many anthology books.

My first book has been in the Best-Selling list twice or thrice and the other 5 Books have regularly topped the Amazon Best-Sellers list. It’s an overwhelming feeling!

7. If you had the opportunity to rewrite one movie script which would it be, why?

I never really thought about it and even if I truly receive the opportunity to rewrite one movie script, I don’t think I will be willing to do it but, I would love to change all the beautiful love stories in the world with sad endings.

8. What are some difficulties you've experienced in your writing career; how do you handle book critiques/criticism?

Dealing with unfair criticism is surely hard and I am so lucky that I hardly come across such critics. In the beginning days, I guess it happened with me a few times however, I didn’t come across any kind of bad criticism / critiques these days. And, even if I meet someone who completely hates my work, my poetry, my stories or anything that I write, It doesn’t matter to me anymore.

Also, I am a girl who is ready to learn and make changes if required, I accept constructive criticism and people who offer valid and well-reasoned opinions.

I am a person with patience, I don’t unnecessarily react, I don’t jump into conclusions and I choose to stay away from haters. I understand it's just one person's opinion and move on.

9. What are your best experiences in your writing career?

It’s a good feeling when people appreciate my work, when I was nominated for various awards; it made me feel wonderful and helped me to continue writing. Having the World Record with my name for being one of the youngest authors is a beautiful feeling. Though it’s not about the titles, positions or flowcharts for me sometimes, they give us the reasons to continue the work we are doing.

I hear from my readers many times and they give me all these great feelings that I cannot express. I cannot easily define my happiness in words when they constantly mail or send me long messages with all the beautiful words, when they click pictures with my books and promote my works without any expectations. It feels so great when I see the happy reviews or hear from my readers; I feel blessed for, I spend months and years creating a book.

Perhaps, not every author receives such lovely emails and texts every day but, until now, I received a lot of love from my readers, when they say that my books have somehow changed their life, helped them overcome depression and sadness, I feel so great for I always wanted to inspire people through my work.

10. Do you prefer to write in silence and or have some sort of sound in the background?

I prefer to write with some peaceful music in the background or with the songs of any language but, in the low volume or I prefer to write in the complete silence sitting in the corner of the room or balcony.

I can’t really write when there are too many people around me. I need to be alone or I am also okay sitting with few close people who don’t make noise.

11. What are some encouraging words you'd give to another author/writer?

If writing is still in your mind after people try to pull you back or laugh at you, it is worth writing to inspire so many others out there. Appreciate the people who criticize you. To grow and evolve, developing a thick skin is a necessity and always learning to understand criticism.

Confidence and commitment matter the most and always, believe in you. Be your own critic and be ready to learn, unlearn and relearn.

12. How do you decide the pricing of your material; how did you go about promotion/advertising and distribution of your works?

I try to keep it as low as possible and I decide the pricing of my material by keeping the book publishing costs in mind. I keep in mind that I need to pay my book cover designer, publishers, and many others to bring out the book.

All of my books are low in price and even in the future as well, I try my best to keep the price low. I believe the price should be right and not too much. No matter how great the book is, to reach the audience, it’s good to keep the price low especially for beginners.

From the beginning, I’ve been doing the promotions and advertising part on my own and sometimes, the distributing works as well.

I feel I have a very long way to go and I might need to work with some really good advertisers, publishers and creative people in the future.

13. Why should anyone read your books?

Because, they are created on the subjects of love, life, dreams, empowerment, education, vulnerability and social issues like dowry, rape, verbal and physical abuse.

I want people to heal from their trauma, I wish people could forgive others & themselves a little more easily, I want people to learn the importance of loving, nurturing and giving, I want people to fight for themselves during the tough times, I want them to gain the courage to fight against any kind of abuse and lead the life with wisdom and most importantly, I don’t want people to give up on their life.

I would like to help my readers a little with my words and bring a change for the well-being of the world.

14. Did you have a book coach?

I never really had a book coach. I have been writing, proofreading & editing my works on my own for quite a long time. Having worked with many organizations as a content creator, writer, editor and proofreader, I’ve gained some good experience over the past few years however, if required in the future, I might hire a book coach.

15. What was your favorite subject in school?

I remember I was great academically until my 6th grade but, like many I’ve always disliked Math and have never been good at it. I was good in other subjects and most especially, In English and Telugu languages. In addition, I had a great handwriting.

16. Are you self-published or have an established publishing contract elsewhere?

In the last 5 years or so, I worked with various publishers for my Books. (Perhaps 6 or 7 publishing companies) sometimes, I choose to hire different people for different works.

For example, for my latest book ANAMIKA, I hired a cover creator, an interior book designer, a printing team and the unique ideas for the cover was given by my brother for the first time (probably the last as well) and once everything is done well, I decided to launch the book through my new venture ‘JP Enterprise’ and today, after the three months of its release, we are still busy packing the books every day.

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