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Jamie H. Scrutton

Author Bio: Jamie is a Yorkshire based Artist specializing in Spoken Word with Animation. His work is inspired by observational life with a spec of humor, which he adapts into whimsical Animations. He has screened these Animations at events around the UK.

An Animation of his titled “The Day My Gran Rode A Roller-coaster” won the Audience Choice Award at the Winter Gardens Film Festival in Blackpool back in February 2017, as well as being Shortlisted at The Walthamstow International Film Festival, in June 2017. A subsequent Animation of his titled "A Peculiar Imagination" was Shortlisted at The Portobello Film Festival in London back in September 2018.

Jamie often performs a Live recital of these Animations at specific events, as well as performing stand-alone Anecdotes at various events around the UK. He has headlined his animated sets at events such as "Stanza Extravaganza" based at The Artisan Gallery based in Torquay and "Big Poetry" based at The Blue Walnut cafe, also in Torquay. In June 2019, he staged his full-length debut Show "Live and Animated" at an intimate Venue called The Slocken, based in Leeds. This was a Live Recital, of all of his Animations, including Support Acts.

Jamie is currently working on an Animation commission, as well as a visual book, which explores his processes with projects, his Artwork, Whimsical Anecdotes, mental health, and selected entries plucked from his Journal.

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