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James L. Rickard

Pre-Interview: I currently live in West Virginia after spending many years in Pittsburgh dabbling in photography and Customer Service. I was born and raised here and moved back a few years ago for reasons better left not discussed.

Author Interview:

1. I'm not sure if it's an inspiration or need. I get antsy if I don't put pen to paper.

2. Acton. BUT it has to be well written. For instance, I thought "A River runs Through It" was a good book but I'd hardly list it as "action."

3. It's hard to name only one. I like Kurt Vonnegut because he's out there. J.D. Salinger because he deals with inner turmoil. Stephen King because he's prolific.

4. Get something, ANYTHING, on paper to get things moving, and maybe you can edit it later.

5. Be careful. Laws change and people may not be aware of it, and that includes writers because they are more worried about their own butt instead of the big picture. Mainly, if you look up stuff on the internet, make sure it's relevant to your EXACT situation.

6. Seven and I'm still hoping for a best-seller.

7. I would rewrite the 1955 biopic, "To Hell and Back" which is the story of Audie Murphy who was the most decorated soldier of WWll. He battled PTSD after the war, and I think that should be explored while eliminating some of the 1950s war movie rah-rah feel.

8. I don't take critiques to heart.

9. Although I just said I don't take reviews too seriously, I got one a few months ago that made me feel pretty good. This person complimented me on the way I handled writing a first person Western.

10. It depends. When I'm setting a scene, I need silence to dream up the setting. If I'm doing a dialogue-heavy passage, I can do it with the TV in the background.

11. Pay attention to everything! I collect everything and put it in my back pocket to use later. It may not make a story, but it may end up being a character, just a description. or something like that.

12. I'm not great at any of that stuff. As for pricing, I just try to do what the market will take. I look for similar stuff on Amazon and price accordingly. When it comes to promoting, COVID makes it hard because you can't get out there and do readings, but I've tried to increase advertising and stay very active on Social Media.

13. Good question. I've never heard that one. I try to add action, a little humor, sentimentality, and stir briskly.

14. Book coach? Not at all. It's all me good or bad.

15. It changed a little through the years, but there's a pattern--Reading, English, History.

16. Self. I'm not getting paid for saying this, but I'm 100% Kindle for many reasons.

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