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Jakki Frances

Author Bio:

I'm JAKKI FRANCES. I'm a romance author from outback Australia. My

life's obsession has always been books, I've loved to read since me

first fairy book at age 5 and the obsession has only grown as I did. In

my teen years I began writing stories and poetry for myself, but as a

gen X girl from a small country town in Australia - there was no way I'd

ever be an author.

In 2017 I began my Ginger Reading Ninja book blog, sharing the books I

love with the world. Through that I discovered author events and

Shameless Book Con in USA. From the first year I attended I made

wonderful author friends who encouraged me to follow my dreams and the

muses in my head. And thus, Jakki Frances was born.

I currently have 8 books published plus stories in 2 anthologies. I

love to write love. What can I say - I'm tragically single so I write

the love I dream of. You never know what I'm going to write next, it

could be a contemporary romance like my Bigelow Bay series, an

Australian shifter for my Magic Mountain series, of just some stand

alone fun - Easily Distracted by Camels. Whatever crazy is in my head

ends up on a page... And my friends all know that anything they say or

do will be used in a story; they've even started requesting I write them

in on purpose.

2022 is shaping up to be a HUGE year for me... I have my first USA

signings in July/August. A new Magic Mountain book releasing in

March/April, 3 anthologies releasing in the second half of the year, and

muses willing - a new Bigelow Bay releasing late 2022 also.

I love to hear from readers and am always excited to hear from them via

my website or social media

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