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Pre- Interview

My name is Pam, but I write under the name P.S. Winn. I began actual publishing of books in October of 2012. I now have 53 available. I found once I laid pen to paper, the ideas wouldn't stop. I write the books longhand and write everything from preschool books to collections and novels. I love writing about the supernatural, especially  parallel worlds. When I am not lost in those worlds, I am busy with family and friends. I also am a top reader and reviewer. i have been having health issues lately, but usually try to read 5 to 10 books a day. I love reading new authors and hope my reviews help them get notice. Helping fellow authors get their books noticed is something I love to do and hope those I help will return the favor. I have found most do. I believe readers have an easier time in life, especially when they get that love of books at an early age. I hope my books help readers have a better day. Pam (P.S. Winn)

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Ena & P.Winn

Ena: Many great writers and authors say they were often inspired by an event or aspect of their life, so what inspires you most to write?

P. Winn: Anything and everything makes me want to write, I think I take a piece of every part of life and add it to the books. I put the first words down because I had all these stories floating around in my head and wanted them down on paper where it would be a way for me to share those crazy stories with others.

Ena: With a wide variety to choose from, what is your favourite genre?

P. Winn: Mystery. I like twisted stories and love to add supernatural, spiritual or a bit of horror into the mystery suspense.

Ena: Who is one author you admire if any and why?

P. Winn: I love both Stephen King and Dean Koontz a feel my books are more like the later. The writers I admire most are those new to all of this. It is hard to love writing and then find it is hard to make a living doing it. That is why I love to read and review books by new authors. We all could use a break and I hope I help by getting the word out there about fellow authors.

Ena: In the land of writing, there's writers block, how do you overcome blank writing spells?

P. Winn: Ha, ha. What does that mean? After the first 50 books were written in 5 years, I had no problem with ideas.

Ena: What legal publishing advice can you give?

P. Winn: Always make sure you add the copyright symbol and year with your name on each story you write and keep copied.

Ena: During your writing career, how many books have you written; are any a bestseller yet?

P. Winn: I am busy writing book 54 right now and some have made it to number one in their category. I feel like being a best seller, although it would be amazing, is not what writing is about, if one person reads your book and is touched by it somehow, you have done your job as an author.

Ena: As author, I think it'd be a big deal to have a chance to write a short film or movie, if you had the opportunity to rewrite one movie script which would it be, why?

P. Winn: OMG! I would re-write about a million of them. Especially those made for TV movies.

Ena: Being a writer/author can have its challenges at times, what are some difficulties you've experienced in your writing career; how do you handle book critiques/criticism?

P. Winn: I am okay with criticism; it helps an author improve. What I hate is when a reviewer writes a review with a spoiler on what the story is about. That is just so wrong.

Ena: What are your best experiences in your writing career?

P. Winn: Feedback from readers. I have been lucky to get so many great reviews on the books. I even had one reader tell me a story of her reading a kid book out loud to her pregnant daughter who was having a difficult labor and the reading calmed her down and the baby was born just fine. That was so awesome.

Ena: A quiet room can give you the ultimate concentration or you'll think of every distraction, which do you prefer, writing in silence and or having sound in the background?

P. Winn: Nose, noise, noise. I have always been a person who likes to do several things at once.

Ena: With all the pressure that comes with writing, and becoming an author/writer, what are some encouraging words you'd give to another author/writer?

P. Winn: Never give up. Write what you love and keep at it. Being an author is about getting the stories out, even if your audience is small.

Ena: How did you decide the pricing of your material; how did you go about promotion/advertising and distribution of your work?

P. Winn I let Goodreads set the price for paperbacks and I like to keep all the e-books at 2.99 each. The promotion is a pain and mostly done through social media and word of mouth. Amazon and Barnes and Noble take care of distribution.

Ena: Hundreds of thousands of books floating around, the Million-dollar question, why should anyone read your book?

P. Winn: I feel like my books are reader friendly and try to add a twist to surprise readers in each. The children's books are both for learning and fun. They also rhyme, which I think makes children want to read.

Ena: Professional, experienced advice or guidance can be what a writer needs at times to take their book to the next level, did you have book a coach?

P. Winn: Nope, just family and friends who give me feedback.

Ena: I've always been fun of school, so I must ask, what was your favourite subject in school?

P. Winn: English.

Ena: Are you self-published or have an established publishing contract elsewhere?

P. Winn: I am self published, mostly because I write the books so fast, I don't have time to wait for a publisher to respond. Besides that, I am quite bull headed and independent, so I like to do things my own way. So far, that is working for me. Like they say, if it ain't broken, don't fix it. I will always write, if only to get these crazy ideas out of my head so I can sleep.

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