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Author Francheska Fifield

Pre-Interview: I love to write. In my spare time I nerd out on manga and anime. I read...a lot. When I have been pried away from that I like photography (by that I mean a digital camera that I use to document my family's life... obsessively so). I also like nature. I am told I am part plant part animal because I flourish in the warm seasons, getting more energy the longer I am in the sun, and then turn into a bear and hibernate the winter away. My spirit animal is apparently a cat...I am told I am a cat whisperer because even cats that hate people or are strays walk right up to me at the first meeting.

Ena & Francheska

Ena: Many great writers and authors say they were often inspired by an event or aspect of their life, so what inspires you to write?

Francheska: I can't really say anything, in particular, inspires me. In fact, when I was 3, I started feeling the desire to read. At 5 I wrote my first story for my kindergarten's 'what do you want to be when you grow up' day. I wrote a kid book about a green dragon in a village of red dragons and his discovery of finding pride in his differences. I also did the art. I do not write kids books now because my artistic ability has not improved since I was 5. I guess the inspiration just comes from within.

Ena: With a wide variety to choose from, what is your favorite genre?

Francheska: My favourite genre to read changes every 6 months. I kind of go through phases. My favorite thing to write varies by mood. I try to focus on my urban fantasy when frustrated or stressed. My romance when I want to believe in a happily ever after. Because I cannot plan my moods, I use music that I know will help me get in the right mindset to write what is next on the list. But my favorite thing to write is probably my young adult fantasy series. I like writing about young people facing hardships and finding a way to persevere and come out on top. No dystopian, I like happy endings…. well mostly.

Ena: Who is one author you admire if any and why?

Francheska: There are so many! But one, in particular, is Felicia Beasley. She is such a nice person, hard-working, and a really great writer. I love her books. As a reader, I am such a fan I have the old copies and her redone versions.

Ena: In the land of writing, there's writers block, how do you overcome blank writing spells?

Francheska: One thing I have found to help is the having a playlist for each series. So, when you listen to it your mind travels to where it's supposed to. Sometimes it does not work though. I have a few things I do. First, I read a book. Sometimes it helps, other times I get distracted and end up spending a week reading. Other times I open a blank page and just write. My thoughts, my grocery list, anything to get me going. And sometimes, honestly, you just have to wait it out. There are blank spells you cannot escape. The key is to not stress about it because that makes it harder to relax and get the ideas flowing again.

Ena: During your writing career, how many books have you written; are any a bestseller yet?

Francheska:13 full-length novels, 4 novellas, with 1 more novel coming out in November. No bestsellers yet. I am learning to work in the marketing world. Writing is my thing. Ads, promotion and all that not so much. So hopefully in the future but not at the moment.

Ena: As author, I think it'd be a big deal to have a chance to write a short film or movie, if you had the opportunity to rewrite one movie script which would it be, why?

Francheska: Hard to say. I would feel bad going in and destroying someone else's work. I think people do the best with what they have, and I respect that.

Ena: Being a writer/author can have its challenges at times, what are some difficulties you've experienced in your writing career; how do you handle book critiques/criticism?

Francheska: Being a writer requires tough skin. People insult you, blame you, and hate you. I have been yelled out for the views of my villains. I turn it into a compliment. If a villain is so bad people are insulted than I am writing a damn good villain. Critiques are completely welcome because it helps me realize what I need to work on so that the readers are connecting to the stories in the way, I hope.

Ena: What are some of your best experiences in your writing career?

Francheska: My favourite experience so far was when one woman read my novel Taming the Wolf and liked it so much she went to my website, got my contact email, and messaged me asking if there were going to be more books to the series because she loved it so much! (There are going to be 4 when I am done). I almost cried I was so happy. It was the first time a reader had contacted me.

Ena: A quiet room can give you the ultimate concentration or you'll think of every distraction, which do you prefer, writing in silence and or having sound in the background?

Francheska: I always have music or TV on in the background. TV is more for casual writing, editing, not in a hurry, just getting things down. If I need to focus all my energy and attention its headphones and music.

Ena: With all the pressure that comes with writing, and becoming an author/writer, what are some encouraging words you'd give to another author/writer?

Francheska: Don't lose heart and have fun with it.

Ena: How did you decide the pricing of your material; how did you go about promotion/advertising and distribution of your work?

Francheska: Pricing is usually by length. The first book of all my series is .99 no matter length so people can try my writing for cheap. As a reader, I understand not wanting to spend a lot of money on a new author. After that novellas are mostly .99. My novella series is a little longer but not quite a full length, so they are $1.99. Full lengths are $2.99. I started out with KU but am moving my series out to other platforms as I go. My singles will still be KU specific.

Ena: Hundreds of thousands of books floating around, the Million-dollar question, why should anyone read your book?

Francheska: It depends on which book and which genre. My young adults are uplifting, hardworking, interesting, with happy endings. My sci-fi is hardcore with sarcastic funny moments. Strong characters. And twists you won't see coming. My romance is hot and sweet with happily ever after despite hardships.

Ena: Professional, experienced advice or guidance can be what a writer needs at times to take their book to the next level, did you have a book coach?

Francheska: Never. I had a teacher tell me I couldn't write a sequel book when the assignment was an epilogue of 4 pages or less.

Ena: I've always been fun of school, so I must ask, what was your favorite subject in school?

Francheska: Depends on the grade. But usually either language arts or science. Honestly, I love science. Everyone finds it ironic I don't write anything with science in it.

Ena: Are you self-published or have an established publishing contract elsewhere?

Francheska: Self-published. I enjoy the freedom. And if I break a wrist, I don't have to explain to a company why a release HAS to be pushed back. I am in charge of what I want on a cover and so on. Luckily, I found a fantastic cover artist that understands what I want with the little dribble that comes out of me and I consider a description, images or GIFs.

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