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David Jaffe

Pre-Interview: Hi there. My name is David Andrew Jaffe. I am an avid blogger and an author of four books. I write based on my extensive life experiences on a wide variety of topics ranging from divorce to Israel to mixed martial arts. Writing is the most natural thing in the world for me and I plan to write every day for the rest of my life. I'd love it if you'd read what I have to say!

Author Interview:

1. I have an innate inborn need within me to write. It's how I process the world. Without writing, I'll never feel like there's anything I truly understand.

2. Non-fiction. I'm always trying to better myself, either through what I know or what I can do. And non-fiction is the best way to get there.

3. I have been a Kurt Vonnegut fan for as far back as I remember. I loved all his books, and it still pains me that I never got to meet him while he was still alive.

4. I just fight past them. As far as I'm concerned, if I'm breathing then I have thoughts. If I have thoughts, I have what to write about. The trick is just getting my fingers to the keypad. Everything just flows from there.

5. Don't worry about selling. Worry about producing. And being proud of yourself. If you're creating products worthy of other people's attention, something will eventually fall into place. But if it never does, you've at least created something that you look at with pride every day of your life.

6. Four. Sadly, no bestsellers just yet. But you never know what might happen tomorrow!

7. I'd rewrite the fourth Indiana Jones movie... and somewhere along the way decide this shouldn't exist. I'd toss it in the trash and prevent that monstrosity from damaging such an important franchise.

8. Sometimes I lack inspiration. Sometimes I wonder when I'll get my big break. But most of the time I push past all of this. I don't write for a paycheck or for others' approval. I write because my soul needs this. Without writing, I'll atrophy and wither away.

9. The best experiences so far were publishing my first book and finally getting the courage to start my blog. Knowing that I had the capability and discipline to really push through and get the entire book finished was an enormous deal for me. And starting the blog was life changing. It has helped me understand so much about myself and the world. I am a better person with every post I write, and I've written nearly 200!

10. Silence is golden. If my home is empty and there's not much noise coming from outside, I'm in my zone.

11. Just write. Never stop. Never let anything get you down. Writing is a muscle. If you don't exercise it, it'll weaken. Never let anything stop you from hopping on your computer and attacking that manuscript!

12. At this early stage in my career, I priced the books according to the lowest price in which I'd get the highest percentage of revenue on Amazon. And marketing, well, that is a work in progress. I learn new things every day, but this is an area that I still feel very weak in.

13. Any topic I've written about, it's because I feel extremely confident in my knowledge of the subject. And I've put my heart and soul into giving the reader a great product. You should read my books because if the topic interests you, I guarantee you'll gain something special from my book.

14. Nope. I'm doing this journey all by myself.

15. English. No, I'm not kidding. Growing up, it was most certainly my favorite subject. I guess it was a sign!

16. Self-published, exclusively on Amazon!

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