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Chanekka Pullens

Author Bio :

My name is Chanekka Pullens and I am a mother, author, and the President of Mind Elevation. My books are inspired by the facts of my life, in which a positive mind frame is the best option. This is the foundation of me as a woman, a mother, and an author. My first book, “The Book About M.E.: Mind Elevation” is a brief introduction into my life. In it I discuss many of the trials of my childhood. From my father being murdered when I was four years old to seeing my classmate drown in the eighth grade on a field trip. Throughout the book I describe events as these, but I assure you, you will be nothing less than inspired and eager to elevate before you complete the book! Yes, it may shed light on dark moments; but that is only to show you the power of the mind. I will not be defined by what I’ve been through, simply because I don’t want to be. I will not choose to be for I choose greatness. But, the bigger message in the book is that there is a positive solution for every negative situation; and in it you learn how. I am fortunate for the pain and trials in my life because it is the reason for the woman I am today. The Queen I am. The mother I am.

My second book, “The Poetry Book About M.E.: Melanin Experience” expresses more of my life experiences. This book illustrates more of my raw emotion caused by numerous things such as grief, love, and my experiences as a black woman. Just as my first book, there is no shortage of inspiration and you are sure to be eager to elevate before the last page!

My third book, “Nice to Meet You, Princess Lu!” is my first children’s book in my children's book series. The second book in this series is my fourth book, “Celebrate Black History Month with Princess Lu!". The third book in this series (my fifth book),"Princess Lu Teaches Juan His ABC's is my first book for both boys and girls!" My intentions for Princess Lu are to inspire young black girls (and boys) to read, do good in school, respect their parents, among many more positive lessons. I decided to make this an interactive book so that your children can feel more connected to Princess Lu. To achieve this, there are blank lines where they can write their name, where they’re from, and a few more questions for them to answer to make their book more personal.

Mind Elevation is the umbrella that my books and my writing are nested under. Mind Elevation is the concept and term used to describe my promoting the positive benefits of living a positive life. To do this I write books, blogs, and will soon start holding motivational and elevating seminars. Mind Elevation for All. That is what I proclaim. That is what I believe, I am so humbled to have discovered that my purpose is to help you understand that everything is going to be alright. No, everything won’t always be perfect. I surely am not, but I would not choose the other option; to be deflated and negative throughout my one life. Who would make such a conscious decision?

My sixth book, "The Poetic Expression of C.L.P.: Crazy Lovely Poet" will be available soon.

Have a positive and elevated day.

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