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Cassandra is a self-published author, coach and designer from England, UK.

To date, Cassandra has published a book series called ‘Love and Success’, a short story called ‘Diary of a savage’ and an eBook teaching aspiring authors how to write their first book and profit from it.

Author Interview:

Author Writer Interview Questions

1.What inspires you most to write?

Being able to let my creativity flow without boundaries

2. What is your favorite genre?

Self Help - Personal Development

3. Who is one author you admire if any and why?

I admire J K Rowlin. Her success is inspirational as well as her kindness.

4. How do you overcome blank writing spells?

I take a break and not force it.

5. What legal publishing advice can you give?

Don't rush and research.

6. How many books have you written, are any a bestseller yet?

I've written 4 books and also an eBook that teaches aspiring authors how to publish.

7. If you had the opportunity to rewrite one movie script which would it be, why?

Cell - I liked it but I disliked the ending.

8. What are some difficulties you've experienced in your writing career; how do you handle book critiques/criticism?

Criticism is AMAZING. No one is perfect. I sure ain’t! I want to be the best author I can be, so I don't dismiss it.

9. What are your best experiences in your writing career?

When readers message me about wanting to attack Chyna.

10. Do you prefer to write in silence and or have some sort sound in the background?

I prefer to write in silence.

11. What are some encouraging words you'd give to another author/writer?

Don't give up.

12. How did you decide the pricing of your material; how did you go about promotion/advertising and distribution of your work?

I researched book prices similar to mine.

13. Why should anyone read your book?

Because they're original and different.

14. Did you have a book coach?

No but I am one.

15. What was your favorite subject in school?


16. Are you self-published or have an established publishing contract elsewhere?

I am self-published

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