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Brenda Sawyer

Updated: Jun 1, 2020


Author Interview:

What inspires me the most to write is when I think about how many lives will be impacted from my writing.

My most favorite genre to write is nonfiction inspirational.

The one author that I admire is T. D. Jakes, because he not only teaches the reader through his writing but is informational as well as inspirational.

I overcome blank writing spells by taking time out to think and journal my thoughts.

The legal publishing advice that I can give is to get all of your literary work copyrighted for your own protection.

Including book collaborations, I have written a total of six books that have made it to bestseller status.

If I had the opportunity to rewrite one movie script, it would be for the movie “Soul Food" because I think it would have been interesting to see how each character lived their lives after the death of “Big Mama!” So, I would rewrite a sequel to give more closure to the ending.

Fortunately, I have not had any critiques or criticisms for my literary work. However, in the future if I do get any, I would use them as a guideline to improve my writing skills.

The best experiences in my writing career is when I meet some of the people who have read my books and tell me that they have been greatly impacted by them.

I prefer to write in silence for better

concentration and comprehension of what I am writing.

Some encouraging words that I would give other authors or writers, would be to pursue, persevere and follow your passion with a passion to encourage others waiting to read your book.

I wanted readers to purchase my book, so I tried to set an affordable price for them. I use social media platforms to promote and advertise the distribution of my work.

Anyone who needs encouragement is the perfect target audience to read my book, because I think it will uplift their spirits and inspire them in their daily walk with Christ.

Yes, I did have a book coach to help me write my book and to encourage me along the writing process.

My favorite subject in school was English because it taught me all of the necessary skills that I needed to be the Author I am today.

Yes, I am self-published and do not have any established contacts. Therefore, I can purchase all of my books “on demand!”

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