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Allie West

Author Bio:

Allie West is a Tulsa, Oklahoma native. As a post undergrad, she traded in bar-b-que bologna for peaches and planted her seed in Atlanta, GA where she raised her two children. After a long career in Education Management, Allie’s increased desire to write books about her life grew stronger than her interest in writing quality improvement plans. She wrote her exit plan and pursued her love for writing and speaking full time.

Always the adventurer Allie said goodbye to her beloved home in Georgia and travelled the globe. Eventually, her jet set life brought her to Germany, the land of “Poets and Thinkers”. Mornings find Allie and her husband David marveling over the picturesque landscape that surround their mountainside home.

Her entrepreneurial spirit lead her to start her company Allie West Productions where she cultivates her Messologist brand. Her Messologist Brand is a simple and yet powerful concept.

When Allie West isn’t writing or speaking about the lasting, healing virtues of “turning your Mess into your masterpiece”, she can be found castle hunting along the German countryside or, exploring various countries around the world all while capturing every moment with her cell phone camera.

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