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Erotic Soul Presession is my first poetry book. Let me take your mind on an erotic fantasy with Erotic Soul Presession. Filled with intellectual yet sexual word play, these poems are appetizers for your minds' appetite. Erotic Soul Presession journeys deeper than the typical sex poem. Dive into your inner most passion and explore the written element of desire...

Genre: Poetry

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Erotic Soul is my second poetry book. The sequel to Erotic Soul Presession taps into one's imaginative passion. Exploring the wander of emotion in a man and woman, it leaves one in awe of desire. Voyage through the highs and lows of affection and lust with Erotic Soul...

Genre: Poetry

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Passion Overdose is the smile after the heart-break. It's the uncontrollable joy in discovering new love, and the spark to keep the flames lit.

Genre: Poetry

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The Erotic Duo is here ! Erotic Soul Part 1&2. Ena, does not write your typical sex poem. Dive into your inner most passion and explore the element of written desire. I'll explore the wander of emotion in a man and woman. Let your mind journey through the highs and lows of love, lust and affection.

Genre: Poetry

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Feel the heat between two souls in search of a passionate love match. Enjoy the flirtatious mix of lust and deep emotion come together in "Distant Lovers". There are a few blank papers in this book, we encourage you to take a moment and write down what having a "Distant Lover" would feel to you. Enjoy your journey through the cycle of attraction, love and lust.

Genre: Poetry

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Intellectually deep, "A Quiet Storm" brings out hidden emotion. We all face ourselves in the constant battle between heart and mind. Are you Ready weather the storm?

Genre: Poetry

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You ever wondered how being pretty could get you into so much trouble? No? Telia, Cynia, and Tion can tell you all about it! When so many things are going right, you tend to forget the things that were going so wrong. But for these three girls, they soon find out that karma comes around no matter what time it is! Telia is one of the BADDEST females AROUND! Mentally and physically ahead of her time and usually with the snap of a finger, she can get anything she wants but this time, she might've bitten off more than she can chew. It all started when she was taking a walk and stumbled upon what she thought was her next come up and after using alot of seduction and too much nectar, what happened next she never saw coming. She got herself in a world of trouble and now has to devise a plan to fight her way out of it. A series of events come crashing down all around her team as well, but these three girls can take down an ARMY! With the help of her gangster sister, dancing doctor friend, and a few others, she can tie up a few loose ends while also getting to the root of everyone else's problems. However, in the end will they have helped the wrong person?

Genre: Urban Fiction

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A Bird’s Eye view is a tale of one family, three deaths and years of pain that solidifies the call to heal within the family unit.  

As the spirit of death creeps through the Davis family, we see a tragedy unfold surrounding the devastation of one mothers’ death bed decision. A decision that forever changes the family dynamics, a lost teen, a wife in distress and Gods final say; are all remnants of the event that forever changes one family for generations to come. 

Bonded by the prayers and spirit of its matriarch, this once tight knit family suffers gut wrenching agony through traumatic events, an invasion of privacy and destruction that ultimately leads to the severing of close relationships and loss of love.

Genre: Fiction

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Do not be afraid, you are God with a small g whereas he is God with a capital G, Ps82:1-6. When you criticize your self you are also criticizing the intelligence of the one who created you, Rom14:7-8. No matter the circumstances; you were created to outshine; never underestimate you abilities. You are the most outstanding piece among all God's work. If he were to make a show off you would be his showpiece. Keep shining!!! I wrote this book to enlighten everyone that dreams were made to come true. You were born unique, ensure that in every area you lay your hand or step you feet you leave a conspicuous mark, that's when your specialty will be visible. When you claim that you are unique and special it must be seen in actions because actions conveys the message louder and faster than words.

Genre: Self-Help

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Little Elijah loves football and dreams of being the school team champion. He is disappointed when the coach refuses to put him on the school team because he’s too young to play. Follow Elijah on his journey and discover how he convinces everyone that he can achieve his dreams.

Genre: Children's Book

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