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What's Up... I am Ena-Alese and Welcome to My World. I am a very open-minded, passionate and creative woman. Since I am an introverted/extroverted person, I express myself through words. I have a deep passion for writing in general; my love for writing music and poetry began in the 7th grade. When individuals read my poetry, I invite them to open their minds and journey deeper. My word-play is intriguing, playful, intellectual and erotic. I have the ability to write in perspective of both a woman and man. I truly hope and believe you will enjoy my genre of poetry writing and it leaves you wanting to read and or hear more from yours truly, Ms. Ena-Alese.

Rebel Myndz Publications is my brand. As a writer, I know how it feels to want the World to read and know about your work. In return, I want to give unique and creative individuals a chance to have their work viewed and ready for the World of readers waiting on it. More details and information about Rebel Myndz Publications will be listed here on the website before services begin. Until then, I hope you enjoy my poetry...

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